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July 2015

Purpose and Clarity

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself: ‘why are we here?’ or more specifically, ‘why am I here?’ At the end of the day that can mean a wide variety of things to a wide variety of people. In fact most people will argue about what

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The Desires Within

You know what? The mind has such a mammoth task of running itself. It’s in constant ‘on-mode’. How often do you actually hear what your mind is saying? Do you hear when it says it’s tired, frustrated, needs a break, wants to share and unleash? We crash and burn yet

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New Breakfast Ideas: 3 Unique Toast Toppings

“Because butter and jam just ain’t cool anymore.” Grab 2 slices of your favourite toast (mine would be an organic rye sourdough!) and top it with…   Avocado, Miso and Tahini Ingredients: 2 tablespoons hulled tahini 1 teaspoon miso paste 1 tablespoon of water 1/2 an avocado Sea salt and

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Yoga Is More Than Movement

Is it just me, or has the rise in popularity of yoga brought with it a culture that includes the requirement to be, or strive towards the beautiful, flexible, fashionable, and to be valued based on the number of one’s Instagram followers? The rise in popularity of yoga in the

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How To Beat The Winter Blues

While Winter colds and dark days can leave you feeling like an extra bit of snooze time in the morning and you can more easily talk yourself into going straight home to dinner after work, we have a few health and training tips that should help you thrive through the

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Motivation is all in your mind

Finding the motivation required to stay active can be a struggle for some. Especially during winter when it is difficult just to wake up when your alarm goes off, let alone brace the icy weather outside and go for a run. What we need to understand is that motivation doesn’t

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What 12 Months Of Beauty Detox Has Taught Me

I always believe that you gain something valuable out of the worst situation. So back around twelve months ago, I fell sick unexpectedly which wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. However, that has prompted me to go through all my personal care products and carefully look into what chemicals I was

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Motherhood + Wellbeing with Angeline Gleeson

Meet Angeline, first time Mum to her gorgeous 6 month old – Harvey Gleeson, Personal Trainer and Sales Rep for the Health Food Distributor – Health Magic. Angeline shares with us her reflections on being a new mum, keeping a clear mind and a gives us a quick look into her uncomplicated

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26 things – Angeline Gleeson

After chatting to the gorgeous Angeline about motherhood and health, we took it down a notch and found out 26 fun facts about this super female!  

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