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May 2015

Yoga – How to Improve Your Chaturanga

Benefits of Chaturanga   Strengthens arm, shoulder, and leg muscles Develops core stability Prepares body for inversions and arm balance Boosts stamina Invigorates the mind and body

Chai Poached Pears – Recipe by Chai Walli

Chai Poached Pears – Gluten Free + Refined Sugar-Free!

6 ways to strengthen your friendship

Preserving a long-lasting friendship is not always easy; life can sometimes get in the way. The time to invest in friendships is imperative. They may be your lifelines one day, and you may be one for them. If you are true and are enthusiastic to open yourself up to others,

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The Greatest Relationship Of All – How To Have A Relationship With Yourself

The relationship with the Self is the deepest, most meaningful relationship that we can ever have in our lives. Creating a strong and healthy connection with yourself is not an easy process, and does require time, commitment and energy. By taking the time and implementing routines, rituals and scheduling time

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Meet Belinda Hughes – Founder of Natural Beauty Expert

Meet Belinda the hardworking and creative mind behind online magazine Natural Beauty Expert. A professional beauty therapist who has a passion for toxic free beauty products, health and wellbeing, and a desire to share her knowledge and talk about the best natural products on the market for her readers. So

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26 things – Belinda Hughes

26 things about Belinda Hughes – Founder of Natural Beauty Expert

Tucker Street’s Vegetarian Paella

There’s only five sleeps until Mother’s Day and if you haven’t the foggiest idea what to get your mum, here’s our tip – Mum’s like the thoughtful stuff so make her something. To outdo your 7-year-old self now your drawings aren’t so cute, make now translates to cook. Set aside

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Foods that make you happy

With the weather getting chillier, it’s easier to get the blues and one of the things we can do to combat them is to eat nourishing, hearty foods. While we might crave certain foods over others when it’s cold, it’s great to focus on foods that actually assist in raising your spirits and giving your happy

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3 Yoga Poses To Make You Smile

Happiness is the thing we want most for the people we love. That’s why it matters so much to be happy and why we all have a different idea of what happiness is and what it means to us as individuals…It’s vital to hold onto those things that make you

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How Can You Claim Your Gold Unless You Bring It Out Into The Light?

When you feel into the emotions you would ideally like to feel, which emotions do you naturally sway towards? And what if you felt in deeper again?

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