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Design Insights with Yogi Peace Club

We’ve fallen in love with Yogi.Peace.Club. Lux eco yoga mats and funky yoga tops, inspired by the ocean, travel, colour and yoga. Founder & Designer Emma Barr shares her design inspiration and process.

The Power of Sound as a Tool for Healing

As I sat in the ceremonial space, submerged in the beautiful sounds of the Himalayan Singing bowls and other ancient instruments, I knew there was something magical about this. Even before I understood the complexities of sound and its therapeutic benefits, I was mesmerised. This experience was a catalyst, which

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26 things – Tully Lou

26 things about Tully Lou – Designer, Yoga teacher, Health & Wellness Writer

Local Love – Tully Lou – Designer, Yoga teacher, Health and Wellness Writer

Meet the gorgeous, incredibly lovely and hard-working Tully Lou– active wear designer, yoga teacher, health and wellness writer. We are so thrilled to welcome her to our community ofLife Enthusiasts and for allowing us to take a peep inside her exciting budding world.

Creativity and Yoga

I was looking through YouTube and came across Alex Ikonn’s channel, and this video in particular had me thinking about creativity and yoga. Yoga and meditation do wonders to boost our mood, cognitive function and creative expression.

Healing With Yoga

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.  B.K.S Iyengar – Yoga Guru How does Yoga provide healing? By uniting the soul, the heart, the mind and body through the power of movement, flow of breath and clearing our cluttered heads.

Yoga Is More Than Movement

Is it just me, or has the rise in popularity of yoga brought with it a culture that includes the requirement to be, or strive towards the beautiful, flexible, fashionable, and to be valued based on the number of one’s Instagram followers? The rise in popularity of yoga in the

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7 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Body Image

As much as I don’t like to admit it, we live in a very aesthetically driven society, where the image we portray through our looks, actions and accessories can drive us to have unrealistic expectations about how we should look, and whether we “measure up.”

Yoga Poses To Practice Daily

It’s dark, cold and rainy outside, certainly not the ideal weather for moving off the couch, yet maintaining a regular warming yoga practice through winter has a number of advantages and is possibly the single most powerful choice you could make to help your mind and body as you move through

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Local Love – Yoga Hub Melbourne

Meet our Local Love Lauren Jeffreys, founder of community organisation Yoga Hub Melbourne. Believing that yoga should be accessible to anybody, Lauren has created a wonderful assembly of yoga teachers who offer low-cost and donation classes across Victoria. We are so excited to welcome Lauren and her Yoga Hub Melbourne team to

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